Gabriel heard a small sound coming from somewhere among the rows of seats near the back of the theater.

The words slammed into him on quiet planes as an urgent whisper, out of sight and detection.

Keep me safe
from that I fear
before it is too late
move me from here.
On Angels wings
Carry me far away
And leave him with sharp stings
And bound by force to stay.

He knew a spell when he heard one.  He mentally swatted it from the air with ease.

But it did bring him closer to locating her.  He could feel her presence very close.  Now, trapped for certain, she was hiding rather than running.   Anticipation pounded through his heart as he mentally reached out to find her.   He was going to capture her this night.  Finally, he was going to have her.  He walked through the seats toward her hiding place with power surging forward.  

     Her essence was strong.
     Let me find you.

His feet whispered over the red floral carpet as he looked each way between the rows of seats.  His cape surrounded him flickering with the power that launched inaudibly from his skin.

Then, he found her.  She was huddled between the seats near the back door.  She was visibly trembling, crouching as low as humanly possible between the seats.  He approached on soundless footsteps.
Excitement hummed and he whispered to her holding his force.  "Gennie."  
Gennie jumped up, her shoulder hitting the seat as she twisted around to face him.

When she turned to him, her eyes were filled with stark, vivid terror.  And ageless knowing.  Then they fired shards of ice-glass-power.  

Meant to hurt him.

He lifted his cape to deflect them.  "That was not very nice."  He had dropped his voice into a dark echo that would penetrate her very heart.

She hissed and looked around, most likely for some other object to send hurling into his person.  Of course, there was nowhere for her to go except over the seats, and they both knew he would be able to catch her easily were she to try such a flee.

Now that he had easily deflected her power, her breath sped to panicked bursts as she stared at him with those great grey eyes that had haunted him day and night since he had first seen her.

He let his tone rumble down low and coaxing.  "I will not hurt you.  I promise.  I just want to help you."
She met his gaze with a flicker of recognition.  Was it that she recognized the truth in his voice or the power behind the truth?  

He held out his hand.  "I know something terrible must have happened to you for you to be so afraid of people…perhaps because of your…gifts…mortals don't understand.  I understand, but my dear you can’t live like this, you deserve something more."

While she stood frozen by his words, they evoked a rainbow of expressions across her face.

He resisted the urge to move toward her.  Instead, he sent to her his emissary of warm comforting power.  "I will not come over and get you Gennie.  I want you to come out of the seat...easy now, for there is no need to be otherwise."

She shook her head back and forth in jerking motions then stopped on a turn to search madly for a new escape.

"Come out to me, Gennie," he softly demanded touching his cape and sending more power out to circle her…to hold her.  

An inner fire radiated from her core.  Even with her unreasonable fear, she was bewitching. 

Of course, she was not beautiful in a way most mortal men would consider a woman beautiful. Her wild tangled hair formed a halo around her elfin sorcière face.  It should have been a harsh face for a woman, all sharp angles, yet, somehow despite that, the angles softened to an exotic, delicate picture.  

Gabriel had never felt so moved to patience in his life.  "What if I told you I was afraid too Gennie?"  Then he smiled wryly.  "I am even more afraid when you send ice-glass into my cape…what will my laundress say?"  

Her eyes immediately connected with his.  She was actually looking at him now, really looking as if trying to interpret his words...words that he hoped had stopped her frenzied mental search of the room for a possible escape.  
He needed to accelerate power.  He needed the supremacy to tame something so fey and wild.

Sensing he had reached her, he continued speaking in soft tones, laced with his control.   "I am afraid Gennie.  I am afraid I will never know the wonderful woman who lives inside of you, the one that hides from the world."

He could feel her turning his words over in her mind.  He pressed further and deeper, touching her senses with comfort.  "I want to understand why you are afraid.  Although I think I have already guessed haven't I?  You have special abilities, like the glass-ice…and doing those kinds of things have caused people to be afraid and turn on you haven't they?"

She shifted as if to try to bolt again.  Then she denied his suggestion by shaking her head vehemently.
He laughed softly.  "It is hardly something one can pretend didn't happen."  He shook a few shards from his cape and they tinkled to the floor.

She moved to run and he stepped closer surrounding her with his power.  "Don’t run away Gennie," he said, filtering out the frustration from his voice.

He willed it and her eyes met his again.  Clear and grey and glowing. 

She had the sorcière power, he was nearly certain of this.  It tickled his senses and drew him.  "Let me touch you Gennie, hold you just for a second."

He was held beguiled within her eyes.  

Ah, but yes the sorcière were dangerous that way weren't they?