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Playing it forward

by Rebecca Mance on 01/03/15

Happy New Year !

Again finishing out an even better year in my book sales.  Yes, The Chosen One is still my best seller worldwide.  I have explored various new venues for all of my books and it is starting to pay off.  More importantly in the new venues my other novels are starting to get notice and traction and I am gaining a little ground there.  That is so exciting.

Thank you for being moved by The Chosen One, I was very inspired when I wrote it.  My recent website visits vary from Burundi, Madagascar and Macedonia to Serbia and Malaysia and I am so honored that all of you have found something inspirational in The Chosen One. I am humbled beyond words. This was my least likely to succeed book so that is the amazing part.

You just can't stop a story when it is a good one and this one apparently has a worldwide appeal. So thank you to all of my fans, friends and family for believing in me and being there with encouragement.  I recently sold a few books in Nigeria and I just couldn't believe it!  So a reach out and Happy New Year to my newest fans.  It is an odd and amazing thing that bad publicity sells about as many books as good....I guess that is karma for you....good karma when you always play it forward and that is what I always do when I can.

In this new year I am working on the latest book, a follow on to The Wine Prince (friend of Elizabeth has her own adventure).  It has not been easy balancing the time with work so this book is going a little slower, but that is the life of an indie writer and we have to get inspiration on the run sometimes. 

I hope this New Year brings peace, happiness, inspiration and all good things to all of you.  Many, many blessings. 

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