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Alive again

by Rebecca Mance on 01/29/23

It is time to get back to life.  I have not posted since 02/19 because a few months after that last post, we found out my husband had terminal cancer.  It has been a very rough few years.  He passed away May 8, 2021.  You can find out what a remarkable man he was at the website I built for him  

I spent from October 2019 to May 2021 caregiving (I had help). All through the rest of 21 and 22, I was dealing with loss and grief as well as figuring out the estate situation that comes with death.  I am starting to feel more alive again.  

I traveled, being unable to face Christmas at home, but also because I had some ideas for a new series and new romances.  I am working on those projects, and hope to have a few new books out by end of year. 

I have five collies now, all under the age of two. They keep me from feeling too lonely.  So, get ready for a new series of books, but absolutely read some of my titles already available both in paperback and ebook!  I am going to try and have audiobooks by the end of this year too!  Love from Finnegan's Run.

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