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Merry Christmas from Finnegan's Run!

by Rebecca Mance on 11/26/17

Merry Christmas and Best New Year ever to all of my family, friends and fans! Yes, finally released The Medici Prince – Glass of Obsession!  Edgy for me, very erotic, but I love it and so far it is doing fantastic.

Other exciting news is that all of my books are now released in paperback! From the first book The Letter to my latest book, Medici Prince!  Some of them went through a slight revamping and that process is continuing. That is the plight of an Indi-Author.

So, though I have not kept promise to blog regularly, I am getting to that finally too. I am sorry!  It is hard when you have a day job!

So....It has been a really fun experience to be back at Finnegan’s Run and writing from my office which overlooks the land. I also started my paralegal remote support business E-Global Legal Support Services, LLC. More on that endeavor later.

I live on 10+ acres and my house sits back from what is a country road anyway…so I see no people most days. I love people, but it is fantastic for writing and my business to live out and away.  Love it!

Moving my things back and decorating the home space took up the first months of my return.  Settling in all of the things I love that I brought back from my time in San Francisco and incorporating them with the home décor…was interesting.  My home blows out the word eclectic when it comes to décor….but I think I did well. 

My office has San Francisco theme and photo collage of my life there.  I have my Thomas Kinkade prints to round it out (favorite painter of all time besides Leanardo). 

I have Venice in the kitchen, medieval in the bedroom, Paris in the master bath and a lot of mix-up in between…Napa and wine are in the entry (along with my wine cabinet and racks). 

Guest room is all about horses, racing and I have some framed photos done by a local artist. 

My “windowless room” is all about the Space Center where my granddad worked for over 50 years putting up rockets in the early days.  My husband’s father also worked there so it features a lot of memorabilia from that time. Really cool.  I follow Nasa and other space oriented organizations on Twitter. 

It would be dishonest to say I don’t miss the Bay area at all, I love it there…However, I don’t miss the crowded, tedious commute on BART after long grueling days working as a paralegal ….nor do I miss the masses of homeless in the city that chase you around. 

So, I traded in my high heels and the city race to return to Finnegan’s Run. However, I didn’t give up my passion for legal work in California which is complex and interesting and I happen to be one of the best.  So, I officially opened E-Global right here (many large firms in California are outsourcing globally so, I decided, why not give an amazing service and skill at an affordable cost right here in USA?) and so far am seeing some modest but promising results building on my client base. 

Overcoming the stereotype that might be associated with being from Kentucky in the eyes of San Francisco clients has been my largest challenge.  I may have worked in San Francisco for 15 years, but being in Kentucky is a bit of a strike against me. Some law firms want a remote worker, but not one from Kentucky….Don’t worry! I have some fantastic clients and some promising ones in the pike.  I offer superior skill at a very affordable price.  Of course, I keep the romance novel writing off of my resume!  Giggles.

This is what home life has been like.  I ride my California pink bike down my driveway to get mail (about 1/8 mile!). The freedom and feeling of just being in open space is exhilarating!  I have time to work out, as my business doesn’t rev up until noon (9 pacific time).

Running with my dogs again has been pure pleasure.  They are collies and somehow are under the impression that I am a sheep, to be herded… and sometimes act accordingly.  They are the most loyal and beautiful dogs.  They chase away the coyotes and such…

Wildlife is abound.  I saw a huge buck the other day in the area of my land that I have let go back to forest.  I have expanded my forest tree lines and have a decent forest area that I have allowed nature to reclaim.  Love it.  I believe I have seen the quail that I released some years ago, or at least perhaps their ancestors.

It was fun and amazing to plant my veggie and herb garden again this past spring.  I had missed my gardens so much while in Cali.

Had time to work with my husband on our nearly 70 fruit trees.  That was fun…except...  There are these beetles that are astonishing in their ability to clean off leaves of trees.  My husband had these interesting beetle traps that attracted them, seemingly in the millions …I often had to change those beetle-filled bags.  Millions of beetles in a bag is not very fun to take off of a pole.  Just saying. Yuk. 

I actually had time to bake for Thanksgiving, something I so love to do!  My son was home with us so it was really a beautiful family gathering. It was the first time in a few years we broke out the china and silver.  Very memorable.

Planted tobacco plants this past summer, that got huge…I don’t plant them because I smoke, but they are beautiful!  While real growers have long since processed them, mine were killed by frost.  Now, they are tall stalks with limp tobacco leaves. 

Then there are the horses all around me!  I don’t have horses, but so many horse farms around me that are just so beautiful.  I love to drive by them and see those magnificent animals.  Truly a gift.

Returned to SF this past week to meet up with several potential clients.  Had the chance to go to the Crocker and Starr winery holiday event which was totally amazing.  Wine was stunning as usual.  “1 Post”, a new release, is out of this world. Of course, Casali is a personal blend favorite of mine.  It is unlike anything you can imagine. 

As part of E-Global, I have been working with a lovely client that does filmmaking and some film festivals etc.  I have learned a whole lot about filmmaking.  He thinks I need to attend a festival and get someone to make a movie out of one of my books. Maybe.  Check out Chandler Film Festival, The Film Guru and IMPA. 

So, I turn to you my family, friends and fans.  I hope this year brings amazing and beautiful things.  We are so lucky if we have our health.  I lost my brother Robert Bruce recently.  I had the guilt of wondering if I had done enough, if I had been too selfish in my personal journeys. Undoubtedly, in retrospect, I should have done more. I dedicated the book Silent Magic Music to him and it came out in print just before his death.  I was saving it for his Christmas present.  Just proves that we should never wait on such things. My mother warned me to live each day as if it was my last... I have always done so... but sometimes it comes upon us so swiftly. 

Robert Bruce was a dedicated artist. His album is called Lost Roads. Robert Bruce Andrew.  Undoubtedly, he now lives fully within his music and is, I am certain, singing perfect notes, in eloquent timing, with the Angels.

In Robert's relentless pursuit of his art, against all odds, he has inspired me and I have resurrected one of my first attempts at book writing.  It is called Star Dragon.  It needs a lot of work, but book 8 might be just around the corner.  

Blessings, Merry Christmas and a healthy, wealthy and happy New Year to all of you! Oh and Thank you so much for buying my books!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!


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