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Keeneland, Derby, Belmont and a Country Road leading to Finnegan's Run

by Rebecca Mance on 05/30/17

Hello to All!

Are we ready for Belmont Stakes?  I will be hosting a small party…very small….but the horses and the race will be gigantic and so exciting.

I was at Keeneland for Opening Day and at Churchill for Opening Night.  Yes, this means I am back to Finnegan’s Run in Paris, Kentucky.  Anyone that knows anything about horses knows something about Paris, Kentucky.

Anyway, I did win at Keeneland for opening day…on War Eagle Returns, or maybe Return of War Eagle…if I remember his name correctly on the fly.  It was my only bet.  I had lots of fun and was happy to win.  My bets were small and it was, I think, just the fifth race.  Keeneland was packed and it was so enjoyable.  College kids from UK were there in droves and dressed quite dapper and pretty.  It is nice to see the new generation getting fully into the spirit.  Though, I think we need to move more Keeneland attendees to hats….There were a few (including me) but then I am always fully into the spirit of things.

Kentucky Derby was spent at a lovely house party hosted by friends (Mary Jane and Michael) who also have a home in Sonoma.  They live up the country road from us.  There was betting and we did pick out names from a “hat”.  I won on place.  The wine flowed from Napa to Kentucky and it was an utterly beautiful gathering of extremely nice people. 

Yes, I know, this blog is supposed to be about writing.  My editor and friend Liz is still onto me even all the way from San Francisco about my latest book…book number 7.  The Medici Prince - Glass of ObsessionWhere the hell is it (she says)?  So I am working and I promised Liz and my other editor and friend Debbie….the book will be ready very soon.

Yes…I am back at Finnegan’s Run to finish book number 7.  All of my books were written here except Wine Prince – Vine of Obsession.  It is obvious that one would have been finished in California…it needed to be. 

Book number 7, The Medici Prince – Glass of Obsession is not exactly a sequel, but there is a connection.  Liz is going to get the sequel to Wine Prince and a real sequel to The Letter, her absolute favorite book of all time, of mine.  She says that she can’t decide if Shades is better or The Letter.  I know she is being nice and I see nearly no parallels between them at all. 

Liz can recite passages from The Letter that I don’t even remember writing.  Writers do go into a zone and I certainly find myself often totally lost in the story.  However, she is truly a fan of my books, so she is going to be the first person to see the book and redline it for me (let’s hope that it is not too red by the time she is done!).  It has been a few years in the making, so, Editor Liz has truly been my best backer and fan.  My childhood friend and also editor Debbie has also been one of my biggest supporters.  Someday, I am going to be able to hire Liz (and perhaps Debbie) full time and we will go everywhere doing book signings and making appearances.  Maybe she will see her first real Kentucky Derby.  Debbie has already seen Kentucky Derby....fell in love with Calvin the jockey. 

Okay, so what have I been doing since I moved back to Kentucky…to Finnegan’s Run?  A lot of work.  Estates of 12 acres require a great deal of work.  I have gardens and trees and loving every minute.  Besides that, I launched my company E-Global Legal Support Services LLC which, basically, is me supporting California attorneys for a fraction of what they pay in California.  Hey…I might write romantic and erotic romantic novels, but, I also have a fantastic legal mind. 

Besides that, I have over 15 years experience as a paralegal and litigation secretary...worked with the best of the best lawyers and law firms in SF.  I figured lawyers in California would just as easily covet my skills as I work remotely from Finnegan's Run and give them a huge break in doing contract work at a fraction of the cost.  (Everything is efiling in California so does it matter if you are in another state?) So...I still have my day job as a paralegal/legal assistant for California attorneys, but no commute and am far more efficient....thus time for dogs, land and most importantly...writing. 

I know it is hard to imagine but yes, ... I can efile in Federal Court and California State Courts…well…anywhere they have efiling I can cover.  I also am quite apt at legal research and writing briefs.  No bit of fluff am I, even if I might seem like it from my blogs and twitter…let alone the steamy books. 

So, my dear fans, I am sorry to take so long to write a new blog.  I had a big move and launched a business. I have been writing a lot also.  I have been burning candles on both ends.  I love every minute. 

I am finding great inspiration on the land, lots of beautiful trees, roses, my dogs…Some grapevines from Crocker & Starr that I won at Carnivus in the last few years (I will be celebrating the release of my book and conducting business in San Francisco and attending the Carnivus at Crocker and Starr in late August early September....soooo…if you are there I’d appreciate a good-will toast to the new book and if you have read it you can be a kind critic).  When I am there at Crocker and Starr, I am with my best friends besides my family. 

I am very lucky and blessed to have the time between my business and gardens to finish the book and I am now just adding the magic fairy dust.  My husband and son are amazing supporters… making it all possible.

Down a country road of green rolling hills, I have returned, and I write again.  I could not write on BART… the commute and the craziness were a little too much for a girl who loves the City and Bay Area ... but is a country girl at heart…. My heart is always in San Francisco…but it is also down a country lane to a place called Finnegan’s Run…named after a California Collie from Palm Desert. 

It is exhilarating to go days on end without seeing anyone other than family members and your dogs. Yes, that is how remote I live and I love it.  I have visited Shakespeare and Co. which is really a neat little place in Lexington…I have gone to the local fish fry restaurant in Paris called, Bourbon Barrel.  I think they can tell I am not from here…but they are nice anyway.  I have also been to Thyme on the main street and taking care of car registration at the local courthouse.  All of it so lovely.  I feel so blessed and have met so many nice people.  Soon I am going to investigate where California Chrome is stabled.  I think it would be fun to visit him.  Maybe American Pharaoh is here too.  He has been here I heard.  After book is done, I will take adventures locally....

The most famous horse to live here so far was Secretariat.  Paris has a festival for him.  Pretty amazing.  My kind of place.  No, I am not going to win the biggest pumpkin award at Secretariat Day…in Paris…but it will be pretty amazing to see who does.  I can fully appreciate it having taken care of my own gardens…

Now…I will be inspired by the colts and fillies, new around me, the little forest I began on my land, the butterflies, (and the insects…many they are that sting me!) the quail I released four years ago that I saw today, that still return, running with my dogs Merlin and Oliver…and to begin the dreaming of the next 8 is going to take another country...again.

Hopefully, I will have more time for blogging.  I am sorry to take so long.  Some of you are quite upset with me.

Woohooo….one last thing.  I can’t bypass the possible new changes that might be on the horizon in Saudi.  Who predicted that in her book The Chosen One…still my all-time best seller.  Who knows if a book inspires change?  I think it could.  It has sold in thousands all over the world…so…I will take credit for what I am going to call “Arab Women’s Spring”…(instead of Arab Spring I will call it Women’s Spring).  Only possible because of open minded and gallant Arab heroes willing to move to modern times (if you have read The Chosen One, written by me, you will understand this comment). 

My first readings of romance novels had many Arab heroes.  I found them again in my book and now, perhaps on a world stage.  Things are changing.  I am excited for my sisters.  Hopeful and scared but I believe soon there will be no more slavery for anyone... after all... little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice... they should never be slaves.  So, I am very excited and feeling liberal in this movement... but ideas like freedom are ideas of everyone.  The world has become a better place with the possibility of these new changes on the horizon for little girls and moms and aunts and sisters!  All sisters. 

It only shows that real life is better than fiction.  And sometimes fiction can predict the future…in a book was way before its time...but I am so excited that the things I dreamed about within it, (and wrote) might be actually happening in my lifetime!  This is so utterly amazing.

So…I am posting this haphazard blogging and it goes unedited…I need to get in two chapters of edits to have this book ready by July for my editors.

I am also working very hard.  Which is why I am not editing this … just going raw.  But that is what an indie writer does.  She writes raw. 

So finish my work and run the land with my dogs. 

All of my best wishes, love and thanks to my fans.  I am grateful and humbled. I am working hard.  I have finally fallen in love with book 7. I am just a little nervous about the erotic part...I read it later and go.."who wrote that?!!"  Well...we will see what you my fans think.

Hugs from here,


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2. Joe Hill said on 11/20/18 - 04:18PM
Joe 352-575-7539 thank you. You will always be family.

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